i think ill find a warmer state


On Friday I put out my first single. It’s a song about running away, a feeling I can’t seem to get away from. This is a song that came about from a conversation I had with one of my favorite people in Nashville. She told me that she was feeling restless for the west coast, that her bones creak when she wakes.  I wrote this song from a few things that she said and also from the way I had been feeling. I have this feeling of emptiness that follows me where I go. I know that running away won’t make it go away but the longing for somewhere else is strong. I drove to the west coast for the first time about six months after I wrote this song and everything fell into place. I long to be somewhere else. If you do too, you’re not alone. This is a song about the devastation when someone doesn’t love you back, but it’s also a song for Nashville, the place that has felt the safest for the past three years. The majority of the people I love most in the world are in Nashville and the thought of leaving is sickening, but sometimes the emptiness is too much and your bones can’t handle your life anymore. Sometimes you have no choice but to run away and pray that someday you’ll make it back to that feeling of safety.

‘Warmer State’ is available on iTunes and spotify.


my bones they creak when i wake

and the longer i stay here the more my hands shake

the maps on my walls no longer answer my calls

and I’m just here telling myself lies


I’ve lost ten pounds from your secrets 

that made me sick

and i can’t stand to stay here much longer

surrounded by it


i think ill find a warmer state

i think ill head west 

and i probably won’t get over you 

but ill do my best 


i started smoking cigarettes 

and i drink myself to sleep 

i’ve let down my loved ones 

always begging them not to miss me


theres a boy i know he brings the rain

and he’s here for a moment 

then he leaves and it stays 

and it seeps through my window

and it drowns my mind

and it drips from my anxious eye


i think ill find a warmer state

i think ill head west 

and i probably won’t make it back here 

but ill do my best